What is SPEC 2000?

What is SPEC 2000?

In 1936 the ATA (Air Transport Association) was formed to represent the aerospace industry. The ATA Spec 2000 is an international standard that was subsequently developed to improve communication and information flow between members of the interconnected global supply chain network. Now renamed as Airlines for America, the ATA continues to promote a healthy airline industry in the USA.

This standard is a comprehensive specification that introduced the requirement to identify each part with a unique serial number that enables any part anywhere in the world to be identified as individual and distinct from any other part, however similar that other part may be. The identification method specified is a permanently marked barcode or 2D data matrix code that should remain on the part throughout its entire life.

The standard implements a method to store information that can be read in an automated manner – Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), improving the reliability and accuracy of information shared. Pryor’s software and vision systems fully support the reading and management of barcoded data.

Spec 2000 specifies full lifecycle tracking and traceability of serialised parts, allowing for the use of automated processes in parts handling. The code simply points to a database or tracked information that is used for many daily processes, including:

– provisioning

– processing warranty claims

– tracking part installation and removal time

– tracking maintenance and repair history

Spec 2000 website

Pryor have been working in the aerospace sector for over 50 years and have an unrivalled knowledge of aerospace marking standards and specifications. You can find a general summary here -A Guide to Aerospace Marking Standards  – but please feel free to Contact Us for further information

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